Do you work in the tanning industry and want to control production in real time?

Learn how to do it with the app Jdrum Pajusco Technologies

We have created the first App for our tanning customers with which you can monitor in real time the production performance of your company in a simple, fast and effective way.

Who we are and why choose us?

For over 60 years, we have been manufacturing advanced machinery for the tanning industry. Our customers choose us because they want performance and quality production with qualified and competent assistance. Our drums are made of high-quality materials that ensure an automated tanning process and superior processing.

Why download JDrum?

Technologies 4.0 dominate all markets.

JDrum is the revolutionary app, unique in the world, that accelerates the performance of your company!
The App gives customers more control during processing and direct feedback during the production process. In case of anomalies and malfunctions, the App sends a notification to allow you to take action immediately.
Checking the state of the art has never been easier, just have an Apple or Android smartphone to access all the features related to the trend.

Requirements for installing the App:

  • Smartphone
  • Fixed device


Bring 4.0 innovation to the company that will allow you to optimize work and get more customers.
JDrum is the App with which you will be able to control any operation through a simple and intuitive interface that will guide you in monitoring, including anomalies and malfunctions. Here’s what you’ll get with JDrum:

Continuous monitoring even remotely

Wherever and whenever you see the machine working, you will receive data and notifications in real time and, in case of blockages, you can intervene to avoid production damage

Clear and intuitive data analysis

You will not need a specialist team to help you decipher the statistics. You will have the history of your production up to 2 years before

Increase in production

With JDrum you can meet your customers' demands faster, thanks to the predictive manufacturing that explains step by step the operation of the machine

The app that revolutionizes your work in the tanning industry. Discover all its features.

An App for Apple and Android that will ensure the success of your business.

If you are part of those entrepreneurs who have understood the importance of 4.0 technologies, JDrum is for you. Don’t let a stop or failure catch you unprepared: constantly monitor all machine operations. There is no other instrument in the world that can allow you:

- Effective and efficient production
- High rate of productivity
- Increases in profit

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